1Pe 2:24 Christ himself bore our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: by His stripes ye were healed.

What I would like to talk to you about this week is on the subject of healing. The reason for this is because it seems that everywhere I turn there is someone getting sick with a life threatening disease and when this happens people often lose hope and fall captive to fear and despair.

Therefore I feel that it is very necessary for me to write to you concerning God’s power, promise and faithfulness to heal all sickness and disease all of the time. God is not hit and miss “meaning” sometimes He heals sometimes He doesn’t. No, God heals all of the time.

All we need to do to be assured of this is look to the scriptures. Just like in the verse above He promises healing. What don’t we understand about “by His stripes YOU are HEALED”? It is a promise and God does not lie.

Again, look to God’s Word not man. Man will often try to talk you out of receiving God’s healing power by saying things like “I know the Bible says God heals but this sickness is really bad and the odds are not very good”.

That is the kind of talk that satan likes because it is filled with doubt and unbelief and as it states in James 1:5-8 and Mark 11:23 that it is faith without doubt that receives from God and that if you are filled with doubt and unbelief you will receive nothing from God. Therefore, we must stop all such talk and ask God for His provision of healing in faith without doubt!

This is the reason people often do not receive what they pray and are believing for. They pray and ask in faith but at the same time doubt and wonder “IF” it is going to happen.

Faith is the bridge through which God delivers His promises to you. Faith is like a bridge and doubt and unbelief are like huge holes. If you saw a bridge with car size holes in it would you drive across it? Of course not! Why? Because you wouldn’t make it to the other side.

That is how it is when you believe, you must believe without doubting for only then do you close the holes in your bridge of faith and God can deliver your healing to you just as He promised in His unfailing Word!

Like I said earlier, GOD HEALS ALL THE TIME! And the key to receiving your healing is to have faith without doubt. Eliminate the hole of doubt in your bridge of faith and you will receive YOUR HEALING and every other promise God has given in His Word.