Sermons by Pastor Ponce Leon

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1. Core Christian Values: Commitment to Christ

Core Christian Values Sermon Series by Pastor Ponce Leon

SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE: In this series of teaching I three core Christian values that will serve as guide to spiritual growth, a fruitful Christian walk and fulfilling your God given purpose. This third teaching looks at “Commitment to Christ” We uncover the three key habits to being deeply committed to Christ and how […]

3. Unfulfilled Bible Prophecies: The Salvation of Israel

Unfulfilled Bible Prophecies

Subscribe to VFC Youtube: In this series of teaching I explore Bible prophecies yet to be fulfilled. This third teaching looks at “The Salvation of Israel” We explore the the Romans 11:26 statement “all Israel will be saved.” and answer the following questions. IS this talking about spiritual Israel or natural Israel? What is […]